Faster Drive: What causes File Downloads to show in the Clio Firm Feed?

Modified on Thu, 11 May 2023 at 05:25 PM


When accessing files with Faster Drive users will see downloads of files by their Clio user in the Clio Firm feed. This happens when a user opens the file, but sometimes, it also happens for files that the user did not open.

This is normal and can be caused by a few different things. 


1. The user opened the file

Whenever someone in your firm opens a file from Clio using Faster Drive, it will show in the Firm Feed.

2. Windows Preview Pane previewed the file

If the Windows Preview Pane is turned on in Windows File Explorer, the generated preview results in a download log in the Clio Firm Feed. 

3. Search Indexers indexed the file

Using apps that search the contents of documents in Clio will result in mass file download logs in the Clio Firm Feed.

4. Antivirus Software scanned the file

When accessing files in folders some antivirus software's protocol is to scan all files in a folder for any potential security threat. This scan of all files results in a download log in the Clio Firm Feed.

5. An Export/Backup Utility archived the file

Exporting data from Clio using any sort of export or backup utility will result in mass file download logs in the Clio Firm Feed. 

6. An app on the user's PC looked at the file

Sometimes other apps on your computer might access a file in a way that causes the file to be downloaded from Clio.

7. Are you logged in twice?

Sometimes when a new firm member is getting set up, an existing firm member may log into Faster Suite on the new firm member's computer.  This will cause all Faster Suite actions performed by the new user to be associated with the user who actually logged into Faster Suite on that computer.

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