Faster Drive: File Locking and Concurrent Editing

Modified on Tue, 01 Aug 2023 at 11:55 AM

Two different concurrency models

When it comes to file locking and concurrent document editing (when two people open the same word doc at the same time) people generally prefer one of two methods.  Faster Drive is built on top of Clio's storage system and allow you to pick the concurrency model that works best for your firm.

Both methodologies are equally valid and it really boils down to a preference, however, you should ensure that all users in the firm use the same concurrency model.

Let anyone edit any file at any time (Default)

When people use software that operates like this,  they like it because employees cannot accidentally prevent each other from editing documents, but there are sometimes complaints because people's work appears to be missing (it actually isn't missing though - more on this later).

Only let one person edit a file at a time (File Locking)

When people use software that operates like this, they like it because they are protected against overwriting each other's changes, but there are often many complaints because people forget to close documents and it prevents other people from doing work.

To enable File Locking, go to Settings > Cloud Drive and check the box for "Enable file locking".

When this is enabled, Faster Suite will create a closed matter in Clio named "File Locking".  Whenever a user opens a file from Faster Suite, a document will be created inside of the File Locking matter with information regarding who opened the file last.

If your firm uses File Locking, you should not delete this matter, however, if you are not, it can be safely deleted.
Important Note
If enabled, file locking will slow down file access and bulk copies.

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