General - Faster Suite disappears / uninstalls / no longer launches after restarting your computer

Modified on Thu, 18 May 2023 at 02:29 PM

Did Faster Suite Disappear?

Chances are, your antivirus software is overly sensitive.


When trying to launch Faster Suite, you experience one of the following symptoms:
  • The Faster Suite icon is missing
  • Double-clicking on the Faster Suite icon does nothing
  • Attempting to launch Faster Suite by clicking on a file in Clio does nothing

Why did Faster Suite just disappear?

Faster Suite does some pretty advanced stuff in order to simplify legal workflow.  For example, Faster Drive creates a virtual server; Faster Mail integrates with Outlook, and Faster Time watches what you're doing on your computer.

Occasionally we see situations where certain antivirus software perceives Faster Suite's actions as suspicious and will silently uninstall Faster Suite from your computer. This is usually most obvious after restarting your computer and realizing that Faster Suite does not appear to be found or double-clicking its shortcut does not seem to launch the application.

Usually when this happens, there is an alert in your Antivirus logs indicating that this has happened, however, we have observed occasions where both WebRoot and AVG have performed silent uninstalls without including any messages in the antivirus logs.

How to solve the problem

If you are experiencing this issue, our recommendation is to either use Windows Defender for antivirus or to configure an exclusion in your antivirus software for Faster Suite.  If you need assistance in configuring an antivirus exclusion, please contact your IT support company or your antivirus software vendor. They can reference step three in this article for instructions.

If you would like help swapping to Windows Defender, if you have an IT support company, please request that they make the change.  If not, please schedule a time with our support team and we'll be happy to make that happen for you as well.

Once the adjustments have been made, simply download and reinstall Faster Suite from our website.

How to work around the problem in the short term

This is not a long-term solution
If you follow these instructions without performing the instructions above, you'll most likely need to repeat these steps whenever your antivirus software scans Faster Suite.
If your IT support company has not yet been able to make the adjustment above, as a temporary workaround, usually you can get Faster Suite back up and running by simply downloading and reinstalling Faster Suite from our website.  Please be aware though, that if you do this without making the adjustment to your antivirus software, chances are, you'll need to repeat this process again whenever your antivirus software scans Faster Suite.

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