Documents in Clio not showing up in Faster Drive

Modified on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 04:37 PM

Clio Bug

This issue is caused by a bug in Clio and is documented in Clio ticket # 775020 


Documents that are loaded to Clio are not being synced to Faster Drive on other computers. Even after refreshing, the documents still do not appear. 


When Faster Drive first loads, it performs a heavy-duty full synchronization with Clio. After the full sync is complete, instead of asking Clio for all the data every single time, it asks Clio only for what has been changed/added/removed using Clio's very fast "Event Stream" API. Unfortunately, there is a bug in the event stream API that sometimes causes it to forget items which may result in documents never showing up in your A:\ drive. If a person adds items into Clio within the exact second that your computer is performing an event-stream based refresh, there is a chance your computer will not see the items that have been added. While this may seem improbable, when you consider that people are constantly adding data to Clio all day long and that Faster Drive performs an event-stream synchronization every 60 seconds, there is a good chance you may bump into this issue. 


As of October 1, 2019, Clio has stated that they have no plans to work on the EventStream in the near future, so there is currently no permanent resolution. 



In Faster Suite version 19.11.06 and later, our developers have optimized the way Faster Suite syncs information from Clio and this change should work around the EventStream bug automatically. Users can download and install the latest update at 


We have made some changes to the Refresh button located on the Faster Ribbon to work around this bug in Clio's API. In Faster Suite version 19.10.02 and later, clicking the Refresh button once will trigger a quick refresh synchronization from Clio's EventStream, but if documents still appear to be missing, you can click the Refresh button a second time while a refresh is already happening to trigger a full refresh of all information in Clio. This refresh will take longer than the EventStream refresh, but will make sure that no items are missed. Once this full refresh is completed, all documents should be available in Faster Drive. 

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