Browser Link: Using Browser Link and PACER

Modified on Tue, 23 May 2023 at 12:55 PM

Browser Link is an extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge that is designed to simplify and enhance Clio's document experience as well as save you time and money in PACER.

Once installed, you will notice that Browser Link adds an extension icon to the top right of your browser window.

Clicking the extension icon will display some sliders to turn different features on an off.

Open Documents with Faster Suite
Clicking the title of documents in Clio's documents interface will open the document using Faster Drive or Faster Files.

Enhance my Clio Documents Experience
Adds a drop-down menu for each document to easily launch Faster Suite's document features right from Clio.

Automatically Save and Archive PACER Documents
Disabled by default.  When viewing a document or docket through PACER, save it to the RECAP archive on CourtListener and make it available to all Browser Link users for free.

Notify me when files are archived
Receive a popup notification that a file is available on the RECAP archive on CourtListener.

Next let's look at Clio's Documents tab.  The first thing you'll notice after installing Browser Link is that each document will have a Faster Suite icon next to the View button.

Clicking the F icon will open up a menu with options to launch several of Faster Suite's document features.

Open with Faster Suite
Open the document using Faster Drive or Faster Files.

Open with Clio Launcher
Open the document using Clio Launcher.

Download the document to your PC.

Open Faster Drive to the file's location in Windows.

Copy Link
Activate Faster Suite's Share feature, allowing you to paste the link into any communication to share the document internally.

Compare / History
Launch Faster Suite's Compare feature to view all version information for the selected document and compare any two versions in Microsoft Word.

Next, let’s see how Browser Link can help to mitigate costs for viewing documents and dockets from PACER.

By default, Browser Link’s automatic archival of PACER documents is turned off.  To turn this functionality on, click the extension icon in your browser window and move the “Automatically Save and Archive PACER Documents:” slider to the right.

Once this is enabled, the first thing you’ll notice in PACER is that some of the available documents have a Faster Suite icon next to them.  This is to indicate that these documents are available for free from the RECAP archive on CourtListener.

If uploading is enabled, anytime anyone using Browser Link views a document in PACER, it is automatically uploaded to the RECAP archive on CourtListener and made available to all Browser Link users for free.  If a document isn’t already uploaded, all we have to do is pay the first time to view it, and it will then be available to be viewed for free an unlimited number of times in the future.  Just click the Faster Suite icon, or view the document’s information and click the “Get this document for free” link.

This same idea applies to dockets.  Before you download a docket, you may get a notice that the docket is available for free, and if uploading is enabled, dockets that are viewed will also be uploaded to the RECAP archive on CourtListener just like documents are.

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