Browser Link: Using Faster Suite Browser Link and PACER

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Faster Lawcademy: Video Tutorial 6.1.2

The following is a video tutorial.  For the best experience, click the "Full Screen" button while watching this video.
This video will cover Faster Law’s Browser Link extension and how it integrates with Clio and PACER.

Browser Link should automatically be installed and enabled after installing Faster Suite.  If this isn’t the case, you can use this link to find out how to install it manually.

Browser Link in Clio

First, let’s look at how Browser Link enhances our Clio document experience.  If we navigate to the documents tab for a matter, you’ll notice that we have some new icons next to each document.  Using these icons, we can:
  1. Open the document right from Faster Drive
  2. View the folder that stores the document in Faster Drive
  3. Copy a link to share the document internally
  4. Launch Faster Suite’s document compare feature for Word documents
  5. Or download the document
We can also click directly on the document title to launch the document from Faster Drive.

Browser Link and PACER

Next, let’s see how Browser Link can help to mitigate costs for viewing documents and dockets from PACER.

By default, Browser Link’s automatic archival of PACER documents is turned off.  To turn this functionality on, click the extension icon in your browser window and move the “Automatically Save and Archive PACER Documents:” slider to the right.

Once this is enabled, the first thing you’ll notice in PACER is that some of the available documents have a Faster Suite icon next to them.  This is to indicate that these documents are available for free from the RECAP archive on CourtListener.

If uploading is enabled, anytime anyone using Browser Link views a document in PACER, it is automatically uploaded to the RECAP archive on CourtListener and made available to all Browser Link users for free.  If a document isn’t already uploaded, all we have to do is pay the first time to view it, and it will then be available to be viewed for free an unlimited number of times in the future.  Just click the Faster Suite icon, or view the document’s information and click the “Get this document for free” link.

This same idea applies to dockets.  Before you download a docket, you may get a notice that the docket is available for free, and if uploading is enabled, dockets that are viewed will also be uploaded to the RECAP archive on CourtListener just like documents are.

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