Faster Drive: Keyboard Navigation in Windows File Explorer

Modified on Fri, 19 May 2023 at 03:44 PM

Faster Lawcademy: Video Tutorial 2.1.6
The following is a video tutorial.  For the best experience, click the "Full Screen" button while watching this video.


Keyboard Navigation in Windows

Some firms have hundreds or even thousands of clients or matters at one time.  We’ll cover how to effectively organize Faster Drive later, but for now let’s look at how to quickly find things in Faster Drive using a keyboard.

Finding Folders from a Large List in Faster Drive

First let’s learn how to quickly jump to a file or folder.

In the Faster Drive folder that contains the item we’re looking for, we’ll make sure everything is sorted alphabetically, then type the first few letters of the file or folder name.  Windows will jump directly to the first item in this folder that starts with those characters.  Typing more letters will let you search more specifically, but even the first one or two letters should be enough to get you close. 

You can then use the arrow keys to move to the desired file or folder and hit "Enter" to open it.

Alt + Arrow

We can also use the Alt and arrow keys on our keyboard to move through folders.

For example, holding "Alt" and hitting the up arrow will move us up one level of folders, while holding "Alt" and pressing the left arrow will bring us back to the previous folder we were in.

There's a lot more to learn!

Keep in mind that there are too many Windows shortcuts to cover in a short video like this, so if you’d like to learn more we recommend searching for keyboard shortcuts on Google.

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