Faster Drive: Matter Folders

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Faster Lawcademy: Video Tutorial 2.1.3
The following is a video tutorial.  For the best experience, click the "Full Screen" button while watching this video.


Matters Folders in Faster Drive

Matter folders in Faster Drive are where we can manage all of the files that we have stored in Clio.

If we navigate through Faster Drive to a matter folder and open it, it will display the contents of the documents tab in Clio assigned to the selected matter.

Files shown here aren’t stored on your computer.  Instead, Faster Drive is looking directly into Clio’s cloud, so anything we do in this folder will actually take place in Clio.

Working in Matter Folders

Let’s start by creating a folder.  There are multiple ways to do this, one way is to right-click and select “New" > "Folder”.  Once we give the folder a name, we can refresh the documents tab in Clio to see that the folder has been created in Clio’s cloud.

Now let’s go back to Faster Drive and create a new document.  Once again we can use the right click menu and give the file a name.  Now we can just double-click the document, the same way we would anywhere else in Windows, to open the document and edit it.  I’ll enter a line of text and click “Save” to save my changes to Clio.  Now if we check Clio again, we’ll see our new document inside of our new folder.

You can do just about anything inside matter folders that you would normally be able to do in Windows, like rename files, drag and drop files, or create shortcuts to folders.

You can also access Faster Drive through almost anything that uses Windows File Explorer, such as the “Save As” dialogue in programs like Microsoft Word.

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