Procedure for Handling Clio Outages or Other Major Issues

Modified on Thu, 11 May 2023 at 12:52 PM

Faster Suite is rarely inaccessible but it does happen.  These are the steps that should be taken to proactively manage user contact when Clio goes down and should be modified for other outages as well.

At First Sign of the Issue:

1. Monitor Clio's Status Page

Clio's status page will include information on issues affecting their systems.  Watching this page for updates will help us keep track of updates so we can more effectively notify our users of changes and timelines.

2. Create a Known Issue

A known issue should be created in the Faster Law Knowledge Base documenting basic information about the issue.  The Known Issue should be marked as a third-party bug for issues related to Clio.  Include screenshots of error messages if possible and include a link to Clio's status page.

3. Update Our Status Page

When Faster Suite is inaccessible, many users will check our status page for updates so it is important to publish information here as soon as possible.  The green bubble message at the top should be changed to red and include a brief summary of the issue and link to the known issue

4. Send an Email

If the issue is affecting all Faster Suite users in a prominent way (can't access Faster Suite) then a mass email should be sent to all users to notify them of the problem and that we or Clio are working on a resolution.  This email should include a link to the known issue and Clio's status page.

5. Create a Ribbon Message

For users that are still logged into Faster Suite, a ribbon message should be displayed notifying them that Faster Suite is not working properly.  This ribbon message should link to the known issue.

6. Create a Canned Response

A canned response should be drafted in anticipation of emails and tickets related to the outage.  The email should mention that we are aware of the issue and briefly describe what is going on.  A timeline should be provided if one is known and the response should include a link to Clio's status page and our known issue.

A filter in Wix should be created to easily monitor which tickets are related to the issue.

It is likely that we will still receive a large number of tickets and bookings related to the issue even after following the steps above to notify users.  When tickets are created, the canned response should be sent and the ticket should be linked to the the known issue.  Responses sent to users that scheduled calls should indicate that a call is not necessary and the booking should be deleted from the calendar.

After the Issue is Resolved

1. Update Our Status Page

Once the issue is resolved, our status page should be reverted back to "All Systems Go!" in a green bubble message. Add the incident to the list of past incidents on this page. 

2. Remove the Ribbon Message

The ribbon message should be removed to indicate that the issue has been resolved.

3. Update the Known Issue

The known issue should be updated to reflect that the issue is resolved and briefly describe the resolution.  The status of the known issue should be changed to resolved.  When publishing the status change, make sure to check the box for "Notify Followers" in order to send an automated email to all users that opened tickets with us.

Using the filter created before, all tickets related to the issue can be closed simultaneously.

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