Faster Snippets: July Update Information

Modified on Sat, 03 Jun 2023 at 11:51 AM

Token Names Have Changed

In the June update to Faster Suite, tokens got a complete overhaul.
Tokens are the codes that you can enter into certain fields to automatically populate information from Clio, such as the ones used in Faster Snippets.
In most cases, the previous tokens will work normally and do not need to be changed. This is not the case with Faster Snippets and any snippets you had previously set up will need to be updated to the new token names.

In many (but not all) of the remaining cases where tokens will need to be renamed, the tokens can simply be renamed with periods instead of underscores.  If this doesn't work, then you'll need to find the new token in our new token finder interface, or read below for some other general rules on renaming.

Upgrading Tokens: Replace _ with .

Tokens will still be contained in {} marks, but there are new rules determining what is contained inside.  You'll notice that there are now collapsible menus that you can use to find the desired token, and each collapsible menu has other collapsible menus inside of it, similar to a folder tree.

The names of specific fields have not changed, but the way each field is separated has. As a general rule, words in tokens that are the names of separate "folders" will be separated with a period, while fields that have multiple words in them will have those words separated with an underscore.

For example, using the Name field found at  Matter > Client > Name will use the token {Matter.Client.Name} because each level is only one word.  However, using the Primary Email Address token found at Matter > Client > Primary Email Address will have periods to separate each level of the token AND underscores to separate the individual words inside the same level so the token appears as {Matter.Client.Primary_Email_Address}.

Examples of New Token Names

Old Value
New Value

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