Browser Link: Disabling Browser Link and Enabling Clio Launcher

Modified on Tue, 15 Aug 2023 at 04:25 PM

If you would like to use Clio Launcher instead of Browser Link to open files from Clio, you will have to set Clio Launcher as the default protocol handler for Clio:// links.  Follow the steps below to make this change:

1) Make sure both Faster Suite (version 19.01.29 or later) and Clio Launcher are installed and Clio Launcher is running

As of 1/31/19, Clio Launcher has not yet been registered as a Windows protocol handler.  As a workaround, Faster Suite can manually make this change.  Because of this, both Faster Suite and Clio launcher will need to be installed on your computer.
It is crucial that Clio Launcher is running before starting Faster Suite.

2) Launch Faster Suite and open your default protocol handler list

Once Clio Launcher is running, you will need to start Faster Suite and navigate to the Windows default protocol handler list.  To do this:
  • Click the "Start" button
  • Type "default" 
  • Select "Choose a default app for each protocol"

3) Select Clio Launcher as the default protocol handler for Clio:// links

From the list, scroll down until you see CLIO on the left, then click the icon to the right.  This will bring up a list of programs installed on your computer that can handle Clio:// links.  Once you select Clio Launcher from the list, document links will open using Clio Launcher instead of Faster Suite.

"What if Clio Launcher doesn't show up in this list?"
If the list of programs for Clio:// links doesn't include Clio Launcher, then most likely Clio Launcher was not running when Faster Suite was started.  If Clio Launcher is not running before Faster Suite is launched, Faster Suite will not add Clio Launcher to the app list.

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