Faster Snippets: Configuring and Using Simple Snippets

Modified on Fri, 19 May 2023 at 06:26 PM

Faster Lawcademy: Video Tutorial 5.3.1
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Simple Text Expansions

One very common way that Faster Snippets is used is to simply expand short pieces of text to save time by using fewer keystrokes.  These snippets typically don’t use Clio tags or keyboard commands, but can still be really useful.  Let’s configure a few together and see how we can use them.

Creating Simple Snippets

First let’s create a folder to keep these snippets separate from other more advanced snippets.  We can call the folder "Simple Text Expansions".

Now we can create some new snippets and put them in our new folder by right-clicking the folder on the left side and selecting New Snippet.

Now we should configure our snippets.  Keep in mind that these are going to be short snippets that can be used interchangeably to speed up typing.

We can create a snippet that will expand the abbreviation /tc into "telephonic conference", one that will expand /ipm into "in person meeting", /w into "with", /cl into "client", and /oc into "opposing counsel".  These are just examples.

Remember to leave adaptive casing turned on for each of these snippets.  Adaptive casing is turned on by default, so we shouldn’t need to change anything right now.

Activating Simple Snippets

Now let’s open a notepad and see how we can use these snippets.

If we want to type "Telephonic conference with opposing counsel", all we need to do is type "/Tc /w /oc".  We could also type "/Ipm /w /cl" to type "In person meeting with client".

Since our snippets are just a couple of words we can mix them up however we would like while still typing full sentences.

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