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Faster Lawcademy: Video Tutorial 6.2.1
The following is a video tutorial.  For the best experience, click the "Full Screen" button while watching this video.


Dial by Clicking

If your firm uses a VoIP like RingCentral or Skype to handle phone calls then Faster Suite’s Click to Call feature can make dialing a whole lot easier.  Click to Call allows you to configure a Powershell script that will let you click on phone numbers to dial them automatically.

Configuring Click to Call

Let’s navigate to Faster Suite on the Faster Ribbon, click on Settings, then find Telephony on the left.  We’ll find a text field on this tab, this is where we’ll enter the script that should be run when we click a phone number.

PowerShell Script

While Faster Law does not configure these scripts, we do have some examples that have been provided to us by our users and you can visit our knowledge base to see if we have a preconfigured script for you to use.

If the VoIP we’re using appears in this list, we can copy the script into the text field in our settings window, but will likely have to make some minor edits depending on specifics from our computer.  If our VoIP does not not appear in the list then we will need to have an IT professional configure a script for us.

Automatic Audio Transcription

You’ll notice that there is also a checkbox at the bottom of this tab that allows us to automatically start an audio transcription when we click a phone number to dial it.  We’ll cover audio transcription later, but for now let’s just uncheck this box and click Save and Close.

Windows Settings

Now that our script is configured, we’ll need to tell Windows to run the script when we click a phone number.  To do this, we’ll go to our Start menu and type protocol, then select Choose a default app for each protocol.  In the window that appears, we’ll find TEL and click the button to select Faster Suite Click to Call as the default protocol handler for TEL links.

Let’s open our web browser and find a phone number.  We can see that phone numbers now appear as clickable hyperlinks and clicking them will automatically open our VoIP program and dial the phone number.

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