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Tracking Outgoing Requests to Third Parties using Faster Suite

Faster Suite gives you the ability to collaboratively track any kind of outgoing requests to third parties using its built in Request Tracker.

Let’s open the Request Tracker by going to New on the Faster Ribbon, then Request Tracker. If this is our first time using the Request Tracker, we’ll be presented with a welcome screen, we can just check the “Skip this page” box at the bottom and click Next.

Now we should find the matter that is related to the request we would like to create or view. We can filter using the box at the top, then check the box for the desired matter and click Next.

The Matter Summary Screen

After selecting a matter, we’ll be shown the Matter Summary Screen and can view any requests that have been previously added for this matter.

If the request you’re looking for doesn’t show up here, that means that no one on your team has created it in the Request Tracker yet and we’ll have to add it, so let’s click the New button in the top right.

Managing Requests

This page will let us enter any information that is relevant to the outgoing request. We can enter a Subject, Status, Next Steps, and Notes on the Overview page, and optionally add Providers, Records, Checks, Bills, Dates, and Attachments using the tabs on the left.

When we’re done entering information about the request, we can just click Save in the bottom right to view the new request in our Matter Summary Screen.

Now anyone at our firm using Faster Suite will be able to access this request and can update it by double clicking it.

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