Advanced Features: Configuring Group Policies

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Advanced Feature
Group Policies is an advanced feature and will make changes to Faster Suite's settings for every user at your firm!  If this is your first time using this feature and you are at all unsure of what you're doing, please contact us for assistance at!

The following is a video tutorial.  For the best experience, click the "Full Screen" button while watching this video.


How to Configure and Use Group Policies

This video will show how to configure or load settings that are set for use by your whole firm, members of a particular group, or other computers that you use.

Finding Group Policies

We can find group policies by first going to the Faster Suite button in the top left of the screen. Clicking Settings will bring up our global settings window. Let’s look for Advanced on the left side, then Group Policies across the top.

When we click Group Policies, there are three options. Global Settings, Group Settings, and My Settings.

Choosing which settings to use

Global Settings are those that are set by your firm for all users of Faster Suite. To make sure these are enabled, just make sure the check-box has a check in it. Settings configured for your firm under Global Settings will override all group and user settings.

Setting Group Settings

Separate group settings can also be configured for different areas of your firm, such as Human Resources, Management, or different practice areas. To select your group, simply click the drop-down menu and pick your group from the list, then check the box for Use group-wide settings. If your group does not appear in this list, an administrator will create it for you. Group settings will override user settings, but if the same setting is configured under global settings, the global setting will be prioritized.

My Settings

The My Settings feature allows you to take your Faster Suite settings with you to other computers that you use. As long as you sign in as the same Clio user with Faster Suite, your settings will be carried over from one computer to another. To use this feature, just make sure the check-box labeled My settings should roam between any computers I use is checked. These settings are configurable on a per-user basis, but will be overridden by both firm and group settings.

Configuring Group Settings

The next section will cover how to configure settings for other users. This is some pretty advanced material so you may want to have an IT professional configure these settings for you.

Group settings can be configured at the firm level or at the group level. Settings configured this way will be loaded to all other computers that meet the criteria once per hour, so if someone changes their settings, it will automatically revert to the firm or group default.

To configure settings at the group level, you’ll first need to create a group by clicking the plus button next to the drop-down under Group Settings. Simply type the name of the group and click Ok.

Next let’s click the Save button on our settings window. Settings need to be saved on your computer before they can be loaded into a group policy. Now we can click the pencil icon next to “Use global settings” or a specific group to bring up the policy editor.

This window will display every setting in Faster Suite and the current configuration for that setting on your computer. To add a setting to the group policy, just find it in the list and click Add to Policy on the right side. Once we’ve added all of the settings we’d like to use, we can double-check them by clicking the Policy Settings tab across the top.

This tab allows you to remove settings from the policy using the button on the right, or temporarily disable a setting in the policy using the checkbox on the left. Once we’ve verified that our group settings are enabled and set the way we want them, we’ll click Save and Close on the policy editor, then Save and Close on the settings window.

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