HotDocs Answer Mapping: Overview

Modified on Wed, 31 May 2023 at 03:31 PM

The HotDocs answer mapper is an advanced feature that should only be configured by a person very familiar with HotDocs document generation.


HotDocs is an advanced document automation tool that some attorneys use in place of Clio's document automation.  When you use HotDocs, you go through an Interview and the Answers you provide are stored in an Answer File. The values in the answer file are then used to generate the documents.

Faster Suite's HotDocs connector works by exporting Clio data into predefined Answers and allowing you to define custom Answers that map specifically to the questions in your Interview
You Must Configure Custom Mappings
In order for data to properly fill out your HotDocs templates, you must configure custom mappings between Clio and your HotDocs Templates.

Configuring Custom Mappings

To configure custom mappings, go to Faster Suite > Settings > Cloud Drive > HotDocs.
Check "Enable Matter-Level HotDocs Form Answers"
Click "The HotDocs Answer Mapper".

When you are configuring the mappings, there are pre-built Answer mappings (on the "Standard Answer Mappings" tab) that you can use to build your own custom Answer mappings.  For example, if your HotDocs templates use an Answer named "Client Full Name" (from the Client) and "Judge Name" ( from a Judge contact custom field) you might configure the following custom Answer mappings as follows:
Client Full Name = {Client_Name}
Judge Name = Hon {Matter_Judge_Name}

In this example, you'll notice that we're prepending the title "Hon" to the Judge's name.

Once this is complete, inside of the matter's folder in Faster Drive, you will see a HotDocs Answer File named "HotDocs Answer File.anx".  This file can then be populated into HotDocs and will then prepopulate the Client Full Name and Judge Name answers.

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