Faster Time: Saving Time and Expense Entries with Faster Time

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Faster Lawcademy: Video Tutorial 4.1.2

The following is a video tutorial.  For the best experience, click the "Full Screen" button while watching this video.


The Faster Time Work Report

Whenever you run Faster Suite, Faster Time will automatically be keeping track of what you work on.  Let’s take a look at the Faster Time Work Report to learn how to save the time that Faster Time is tracking.

The work report will automatically prompt us to save our time each day at 4:45 PM, but if we’d like to view our activities at any other time, we can go to New on the Faster Ribbon, then select Activity Tracking.  This will launch the Faster Time Work Report.

Viewing the Work Report

The Faster Time Work Report is broken into three panels.  On the left, we have some sorting and filtering settings that we’ll cover a little bit later.  In the middle we have a list of all of our activities, and on the right we have our batch panel.

If we’d like to view activities related to a certain matter, we can just expand the matter in the activity list to see the dates we worked on this matter, then expand a specific date to see what we did for this matter on that date.

When viewing activities, we’re able to see what program the activity belongs to on the left as well as a description of the activity.  On the right, we’ll see a small circle that indicates how much of 6 minutes an activity took, so we can easily distinguish activities that only took a few seconds from activities that took longer.

The Batch Panel

If we’d like to bill or delete something from this list, we can just click individual activities or whole groups of activities in the list to move them to the batch panel on the right.

We call the right panel the batch panel because it allows us to batch multiple activities together into one time entry, or delete a batch of entries all at once.  From here we can either click “Delete Items in Batch” or “Bill Items in Batch” depending on what we’d like to do.

The Time Entry Interface

Clicking "Bill Items in Batch" will bring up a new time entry window that has been automatically filled out by Faster Time.  You’ll see a default description appear as well as the total time spent on all activities we selected.  Faster Time has already selected the matter that this time entry is related to, so we can just make any edits that we want and then click Save to create the time entry in Clio.

This process should be repeated until we’ve billed all the time we’d like to save from the work report.  When there’s nothing left to bill, we can select everything that remains and click “Delete Items in Batch” so we can start with a clean slate tomorrow.

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