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Faster Time Settings

Faster Time is highly customizable.  Let’s take a look at how we can configure Faster Time to track exactly the way we want it to by going to Faster Suite on the Faster Ribbon, clicking the settings wheel, then selecting Revenue Generation on the left.

The Time Tracking Tab

The first tab, Time Tracking, allows us to configure general settings related to how Faster Time operates.

We can turn time tracking on or off, change how Faster Time keeps track of what we’re working on, choose how long to save activities in the work report, and set a time frame for starting the away timer.  

The defaults for these settings are appropriate in most situations.

The Time Recovery Tab

Now let’s look at the Time Recovery tab.  This tab lists the different applications that are designed to track really well with Faster Time.

We can enable or disable specific applications by checking or unchecking the box next to the application name and edit the defaults for time entries created for that application by clicking the pencil icon to the left.

In the interface that appears, we can make any selections we would normally make in a time entry to have those selections automatically apply to any Faster Time time entry for the selected application.  Commonly edited fields here are Activity Description, Activity Code, Minimum, and Round To.

If we go back to the Time Recovery tab, we can also add custom applications to be tracked and enable website tracking if we’d like, but we’ll cover these settings in more detail in a later video.

The Billing Reminders tab

Let’s skip to the Billing Reminders tab.

Here we can choose when Faster Time will prompt us to save our time each day or turn the prompts off if we would prefer to manually access the work report without being reminded.

Once we’re done configuring our settings, we can just click Save and Close.

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