Faster Lawcademy

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These articles answer 99% of questions regarding Faster Suite

The following is an important list of short videos and articles that every new Faster Suite user should watch in order to get the most out of Faster Suite.

These articles are intended to be reviewed in the order listed below but are designed to stand on their own and can be reviewed individually as well.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Faster Suite

Section 1: Faster Suite Basics

"What does Faster Suite do and what will I learn in Faster Lawcademy?"

"How do I install Faster Suite into a Windows PC?"

"How often does Faster Suite get new information from Clio?"

"How do I get in touch with a Faster Law support specialist?"

Section 2: Navigating Faster Suite

"How do I access different features contained in Faster Suite?"

"Can I manually tell Faster Suite to get new information from Clio?"

"How do I quickly navigate through Faster Suite windows with my keyboard?"

Chapter 2: Faster Drive and Document Management

Section 1: Faster Drive Basics

"What is Faster Drive and how does it work with Clio?"

"How do I find the files I have stored in Clio through Faster Drive?"

"What can I do with the files I have stored in Clio through Faster Drive?"

"Can I store non-matter-related files in Clio or Faster Drive?

"How do I make sure only I or a group of people at my firm can access certain documents?"

"Is there a faster way to navigate through lots of files and folders using my keyboard?"

Section 2: Faster Drive Settings

What configuration options are available for my Clio Cloud Drive?"

"Am I able to customize how things are organized in Faster Drive?"

"What do you see other large/small firms doing with their files?"

"What else can I display and work with in Faster Drive besides documents?"

Section 3: Other Document Features

Matter Match Migrator is now supported by Universal Migrator.

"Can I share a link to a document with other members of my firm?"

"How do I see what changes have been made to a document?"
       Feature Update

"How do I request signatures electronically through Faster Suite?"

"Is there an easier way to edit my document automation templates?"

"Can I generate more than one document at a time using Clio templates?"

"Can I use a PDF as a Clio template for document automation?"

"Is there a faster way to add watermarks or version information to draft and final documents?"

"How do I scan documents directly to Clio?"

Backing up Clio Documents is now supported by Universal Migrator.

Section 4: Additional Faster Drive Learning

"Can I automatically put the same folders in every matter I create?"

2.4.2: Recovering Trashed Files (Update Coming Soon)
"I accidentally deleted a document, can I recover it?"

"How do I quickly access or work with documents that I've viewed recently?"

"Can I create a shortcut in Windows to a specific client or matter?"

Chapter 3: Email Preservation with Faster Mail

Section 1: Faster Mail Basics

"What does Faster Mail do and how is it different than Clio's email preservation tools?"

"How do I use Faster Mail to preserve my emails to Clio?"

Section 2: Faster Mail Settings

"Can I control what happens when I preserve an email?"

"Can I control when the automatic prompt for sent items appears?"

"Can I change the folder structure in Outlook for preserved emails?"

Section 3: Additional Faster Mail Learning

"Will Faster Mail work with my Gmail account?"

"Can I change where attachments from emails are saved in Clio?"

Chapter 4: Faster Time's Predictive Time Tracking

Section 1: Faster Time Basics

"What can I do with Faster Time and why is it useful?"

"How do I use Faster Time's predictive time tracking to create activities in Clio?"

"Can I change how activities are organized in the Faster Time work report?"

Section 2: Faster Time Settings

"Can I customize how Faster Time tracks my activities?"

"What is batch billing and how does it affect my time entries?"

"How do I track other applications that I use?

"Can I use Faster Time to track my web activity?"

Section 3: Additional Faster Time Learning

"How do I find activities that may be related to the ones I'm already billing for?"

Chapter 5: Faster Snippets - Keyboard Macros

Section 1: Faster Snippets Basics

"What are snippets and how can they save me time?"

"Where do I configure snippets and what types of things can I do with them?"

"What can Faster Snippets do with text?"

"Where do I find the Clio tag for the field I want to use?"

Section 2: Advanced Snippet Functionality

"What else can I do with Faster Snippets?"

"Wait, there's more?"

"How does Faster Snippets determine which words to capitalize?"

Section 3: Full Snippet Examples

"What is the best way to organize and use simple text expansion snippets?"

"How do I build a full email template as a snippet?"

5.3.3: Building Document Templates (Coming Soon)
"Can I create whole documents with only one or just a few snippets?"

5.3.4: Automatically Filling PDF Forms (Coming Soon)
"Can I automatically fill information from Clio directly into PDF forms?"

Section 4: Additional Faster Snippets Learning

"Can I create snippets for others at my firm to use?"

"Do I have to remember every snippet abbreviation?"

5.4.3: Cash Coaching (Coming Soon)
"How does Faster Snippets help me get paid?"

"How do I enable Clio snippets for use in other applications?"

Chapter 6: Other Features

"How do I manually install Browser Link if it wasn't automatically installed?

"What is Browser Link and what can I do with it?

Section 2: Email and Phone Features

"How can I easily dial phone numbers in Clio?"

"How do I easily find email addresses related to a matter in Clio?"

"Can I connect RingCentral to Clio?'

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