Draftify & Finalize: Document Ids Vary from Clio

Modified on Thu, 11 May 2023 at 12:43 PM

Inside of Clio, there are two separate "Ids" that are associated with a document as shown in the image below:

The very first document in the list has the following attributes:
ID (shown in the footer): 4657869646
Display Number (shown in the 'ID' column): 50031

The ID for each document is a completely unique number that can be used to uniquely identify any document in Clio.  This means that one and only one document in Clio has an ID number of 4657869646.

The Display Number, however, is very different.  Multiple documents in Clio can have the same display number and it is actually possible for multiple documents in the same Clio account to have the same display number.  Because the display number is not unique, it is not a good number to use when identifying or stamping documents.

The Draftify and Finalize tools use the completely unique ID when stamping documents.

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